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Portland State University's DASH Lab

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Larry Martinez, the Diversity, Allies, Stereotypes, and Health (DASH) Lab explores inclusion, diversity, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace.

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Focus & Goals

As society grows increasingly diverse, our organizations and workplaces need to become inclusive environments for people of all identities. DASH Lab’s goals are to identify barriers to inclusivity, recognize organizational factors associated with supportive environments, and develop and promote interventions that improve outcomes for diverse organizations and the people within them.


Current Work

We have approximately 40 projects in various stages of progress. Some are still nascent ideas; in others, research assistants are gathering field data, and a handful are getting the final touches before being sent out for submission to journals or conferences. 

A few projects in the works examine:

  • Workplace discrimination and identity management among minority physicians

  • The role of prejudice in perceptions of organizations following error

  • Health responses to emotion work in the nursing profession

  • Responses to gender transition in the workplace

  • Factors that influence an organization's response to increased diversity

  • Diversity and ally training and assessment

Market Analysis
Several Open Books

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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