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consulting services

Dr. Martinez conducts research with organizational partners as part of his role at Portland State or through his consulting firm, Martinez Organizational Consulting, LLC.

As an applied psychologist, he completely aligns with Portland State's motto to

"Let knowledge serve the city."

For further information, please contact Dr. Martinez at


Ally skill-building training

        This training takes a new perspective on diversity and inclusion training. It goes beyond typical implicit/subtle bias training to give participants practical skills to be better allies for one another. This one-pager provides a bit more information, but please reach out directly with questions.

        Dr. Martinez is one of the foremost experts on allyship in organizational contexts and is excited to provide his expertise to help

organizations achieve their goals.

Sexual harassment training

        Many organizations struggle with managing concerns related to sexual harassment. In this training, participants learn how to interact with one another in an open way that promotes communication and trust in order to minimize/eliminate sexual harassment.


executive & leadership inclusion training

        This training is designed specifically for organizational leaders and provides an intensive understanding of issues relevant for a wide array of employee identities and characteristics (e.g., disability, religion, gender identity). This is ideal for leaders who do not have dedicated Diversity & Inclusion professionals but want to be literate in managing with this lens.

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