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Research Assistants

        We're always looking for passionate, curious, and dedicated researchers. Our RAs include undergraduates early in their college careers and post-baccalaureate students with creative arts and gender studies degrees, among others. Some are Portland natives, some are parents, and all are vital to the lab's success.  



Our lab uses an apprenticeship model, which means that in addition to assisting Dr. Martinez and his graduate students with their research, RAs participate in skill development activities during weekly meetings, are encouraged and supported in their own research ideas, and receive guidance as they pursue professional and educational goals.



Typical tasks include transcribing or collecting data, writing IRB applications, setting up online surveys, reading and summarizing journal articles, researching specific topics to help with writing, attending regular lab meetings, helping prepare conference presentations or posters, and helping develop experimental stimuli. Ideally, RAs help with as many different tasks as possible to increase their learning.




Being a research assistant is one of the best ways to get hands-on experience in the field of psychology and other social sciences. RAs can put the experience on their resume and vita, as well as talk about it in interviews. You can expect to make several professional connections, and  Dr. Martinez is happy to write a kick-ass recommendation letter if needed.


Graduate Students

Students interested in applying to DASH Lab as a graduate student should email Dr. Martinez ( with their CV and a brief description regarding their research interests and why the lab would be a good match. Be sure to check out the publications listed on our About page.

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