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Who We Are


Dr. Larry Martinez

        Larry Martinez is an assistant professor in the Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Portland State University. He received his B.A., M.A., and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Rice University and was an assistant professor in the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State for four years before coming to Portland. 

        Dr. Martinez's research is broadly focused on diversity and inclusion in workplace contexts under the assumption that reducing stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination contributes to employee health and well-being, which positively impacts organizational bottom lines. His work has focused on under-represented and under-researched populations including cancer survivors, transgender, gay and lesbian, physically disabled, and overweight employees. He has also focused on identifying ways to manage diversity by incorporating and empowering "ally" employees in diversity initiatives. 

       Dr. Martinez is particularly excited about partnering with organizations to use rigorous scientific methodology to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. 

Lauren Park

        Lauren Park is a graduate research and teaching assistant at Portland State University. Prior to joining DASH lab in Fall 2016, Lauren received her bachelor's degree from the University of Puget Sound in Psychology with minors in Vocal Performance and Religious Studies. In 2018, she completed her master's thesis at Portland State on the physical and psychological health outcomes of emotion work in the nursing profession with funding from the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety. Lauren has consulted with organizations across the country in Human Resources and data analyst capacities and currently serves as a Research Consultant for the Human Capital Management Research team at SAP SuccessFactors, conducting applied research on the intersection between workforce psychology, management, and technology.

        Her research interests include quantitative methods, organizational inclusion practices, and the workplace experiences of employees with marginalized religious, racial, and gender identities.


Kelly Hamilton

        Kelly Hamilton is a third-year doctoral student and teaching assistant. Prior to joining DASH Lab in 2017, he spent 15 years as an entrepreneur and magazine publisher and almost a decade serving in leadership roles for PROMO, Missouri’s statewide LGBT advocacy organization. He earned bachelor's degrees in Psychology and German from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and a master’s degree in German Literature at Washington University in St. Louis.

        His research interests include diversity and inclusion, occupational health, and authenticity in the workplace.

Liana Bernard

        Liana Bernard is a second-year doctoral student and teaching assistant. Liana has been a part of DASH lab since 2017, when she joined as a research assistant and managed a field experiment regarding the impact of cosmetics on interpersonal discrimination in real world hiring scenarios. Liana earned her bachelor's degree from Portland State University in 2016 with a minor in Sociology and a concentration in I/O Psychology. She is proud to be a first generation college graduate. Prior to joining the lab, Liana performed with and worked for percussion ensembles that competed in the Drum Corps International and Winter Guard International Championships from 2010-2017.

        Her research interests include diversity, inclusion, personnel selection, gender, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct in the workplace.


Timothy Carsey

        Timothy Carsey is a graduate research and teaching assistant and in his second year in the DASH lab, having joined the lab in 2017. He earned his bachelor’s degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and his master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Previously, he worked as a Data Analyst/Graduate Researcher, conducting program evaluations to help examine and improve programs which aim to increase access to higher education for historically marginalized communities.

        His research interests broadly examine diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with an emphasis on LGBT disclosure, and the translation of online behaviors to the workplace.

Megan Snoeyink

        Megan Snoeyink is a second-year doctoral student at Portland State University. Prior to joining DASH Lab, she received her bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from Michigan State University. While studying at MSU, she worked in Dr. Ann Marie Ryan’s Diversity Lab, where she researched gender representation, identity safety cues, and stereotype threat. She also spent time working in retail management, gaining experience in leadership and selection.

        Megan’s research interests broadly include diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as occupational health.


Dr. Dash Hound


        Dr. Dash Hound was born March 12, 2009 and adopted by Larry Martinez on May 24, 2009. After providing several years of emotional support to his grad student, he received his honorary doctorate in 2012. He has faithfully moved across the country countless times and never cares where he's going so long as he gets to go. He's traversed mountains, beaches, wetlands, deserts, rivers, the sub-tropics, and arctic terrains. Like his owner, he enjoys nature and animals and gets along famously with dogs, cats, birds, chickens, rabbits, and any other creature that winds up in the home. 

        He serves as the lab mascot because of his trusting and open nature. He serves as a reminder that we should treat each other with a sense of optimism, friendliness, and happiness, regardless of our pasts or individual characteristics. 

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Armand Beikzadeh

Gwen Conlee

Sky Corby

Alejandra Guerrero

Gabriela Kaneva

Katie Werth

Mari Wu

Olivia Yoder

Lab Administrator

Heather Firestone

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